Making Memories

This past week has been a great one. What's made it so great??? Well, I made intentional time to go shoot. With multiple friends over multiple occasions, I went out and shot some people, places, and things. Not only have I created some great images this week, I created some great memories.

Thats my favorite thing about photography; not the artistic value, but the capturing of a memory. Up to date, I've been sharing memories on Instagram as well as my website's gallery. I realized; however, that I would like to share more than just photos. I want to write about my memories too.

When I view my photos I get to re-experience their memories. Not just the sights I saw, but what lead up to their taking, the settings around me, and the those enjoying the memories alongside me. This entire experience is what I intend to start sharing on this blog, intentionally titled Making Memories.

You can expect to start seeing some posts here every now-and-then. In them you'll get the backstory of some of my favorite shots. Sometimes I'll focus on why I took a shot & the memory that surrounds it. Others may include more technical information like why I composed and edited like I did. Of course, every now-and-then expect something totally not what I just mentioned😬.

I hope ya'll enjoy😊